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Create. Together.

Secure, real-time collaboration between project team members regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection. 

With BIMcloud,
you’ll be up and running in no time! 

BIMcloud is an industry-leading solution for Archicad users bringing true collaboration and communication to the entire design, engineering, and construction teams.  Flexible options include utilizing in-house servers or cloud-based servers hosted by Graphisoft. 

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Work from anywhere

BIMcloud works on any network, and architects can even work on the go on a laptop at remote locations without an Internet connection. Once back online, not only will they share their latest work with others via BIMcloud but will also receive the latest changes and updates from other members of the design team.

Without missing a beat

BIMcloud’s built-in tools ensure very high uptime and quick recovery in case of a vis mayor situation. Project snapshots are created on regular basis, making sure that the project can be restored to an earlier state in case a design issue requires it. Server backups are created automatically, which will enable the user to restore an entire server from a backup with a few clicks after a vis major situation.

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Any size of the team
and any experience

BIMcloud is truly scalable and provides unique benefits for small and large teams and for design projects of any size. 

It enables not only real-time design work on the same project but also provides an instant collaboration platform. The color-coded workspace helps to identify who is working on what.

Choose your BIMcloud

Another area that Graphisoft provides flexible solutions for clients is BIMcloud Basic and BIMcloud as a Service.



BIMcloud Basic can be used by any Archicad user who needs basic collaboration and communication between team members. 

This solution is included with Archicad and allows the user to install it on a dedicated in-house server.


As a Service

BIMcloud as a Service is a great solution for any size firm that wants to collaborate via the cloud and eliminate the expense of in-house hardware and IT while enjoying the benefits of high-speed servers and backed-up data. 

Not to mention additional features like mark-ups in BIMx and more.  

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Start your
BIM collaboration

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